SABCO – Surface Auto Blowdown Control System optimizes blowdown rates by precisely regulating the volume of water discharged form the steam to water interface area of boiler and thus maintains TDS of boiler water at the desired levels.

Product Features

  • Enables accurate TDS control by removing TDS as and when formed
  • Real time conductivity sensing and control avoids excessive blowdown of water from the boiler which has a very high heat value
  • Improved life of tubes and pressure vessel due to reduced scaling and ensures boiler safety.
  • Avoids coating of sensor with sludge
  • Stellited internal of valves prevents erosion due to high velocity
  • Especially design angle type electric actuated valve with special stellited seat and plug which is suitable for handling high temperature blow down water with flashing condition
  • Industrial grade stainless steel conductivity electrodes with Teflon insulator ensures accurate