EnerGen – an engine waste heat recovery based heating solution that can be used to generate steam and hot water for the process virtually free. The CHPC heating product range, can be used for a range of applications across diverse industries. Engineered for reliability, each EnerGen boiler is factory insulated in engine specific sizes and designs allows multiple engine exhausts to be connected to it, is user friendly and is easy to maintain.

Product Features

  • Standard range for ease of coupling at back end of: oil engines up to 2 MWe, single engine capacity and gas engines up to 5 MWe
  • High purity steam and support fluctuating steam requirements
  • Adequate safeties provided to ensure no adverse effect on genset operation
  • Customized products can be offered for higher capacities/different engine fuel exhausts
  • Offers series of products for generating steam/hot water
  • Improved thermal efficiency: up to 80%
  • Increased protection of the environment and aids in conservation of natural resources

Operating Range

  • Capacities: From 300 kW – 5 MW
  • Firing fuels: Waste heat